Flash Engine

iAero Thrust CFM56-3 FLASH PROGRAM

To address the market demand for reliable and durable engine life for the family of narrow body Boeing 737 Classic aircraft, iAero Thrust has innovated a specific maintenance and repair work scope branded as the “Flash Engine.”

Today, iAero Thrust produces CFM56-3C1 engines with an induction recipe that reflects a thorough and leading engineering analysis, and accounts for historic operating trends associated with this matured engine platform/architecture. We have applied the expertise gained from our CFM56 product with direct inputs gleaned from the operator base, including our sister-company iAero Airways, one of the world’s largest operators of this engine model.

Our Flash Engine is a result of performance data driven analysis complemented by our unique position as a CFM56-3 material consolidator and repair specialist, delivering efficiency and quality standards that are repeatable on a production level. It delivers reliable performance to the discerning operators of cargo and passenger aircraft where success is driven by dispatch reliability and disciplined cost management.

Our Flash Engines are available for sale, exchange, leasing and financing exclusively at iAero Thrust