The New iAero Airways Leadership

Timothy Rainey

President, iAero Airways

Timothy Rainey has decades of technical experience leading and managing all aspects of operations at global airlines, including during periods of transformative growth and development. He’s been the leader of iAero Airways since 2022 and previously oversaw operations for two major airlines, including the management of all day-to-day global operations of Northwest Airlines, Inc. During his time at Northwest Airlines, he successfully oversaw a fleet of over 375 airplanes and a group of over 10,000 employees, including over 5,500 pilots, and led multiple initiatives to streamline business operations.  Rainey adds significant leadership expertise and business capabilities to the iAero Airways executive management team.

Geoffrey T. Raicht

Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, iAero Airways

Geoffrey T. Raicht serves as iAero Airways’ Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer where he is responsible for enhancing the company’s internal legal structure and compliance. With a strong background in corporate governance, he has acted as the general outside counsel to several private companies, represented aviation industry clients and served as an independent fiduciary. Before joining iAero Airways, Geoff practiced for over 25 years with several leading global law firms before founding his own firm.

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